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How to add the device to the app

How to add the device to the app

1.Please download the "iSmKit" app.(Search“iSmKit”in App store or Google Play

2.Run the App.

①.Tap Register and enter your User name,Password,Email to create a new account.

②Add the device.

Method 1:Add the device via Touch screen NVR.

Method 2:Add the device via QR code or cloud ID.

Add by cloud ID:

Cloud ID:Click “System manage→Info”on the NVR ,, you will see the Cloud ID of your device.

Device name:Choose a name of your choice for your system.

User name:Enter the NVR's User Name(default:admin)
Password:Enter the NVR's Password(default:No password required,just leave blank)

3.If your app is offline, like this:

That is, your network connection is not good. It may be that the NVR device is too far away from
the router, the WiFi signal is weak, or the external network is unstable. Please put the NVR device
next to the router, and try to connect the your device to your app next to it.

Also, please check if your NVR is online.

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