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How to add IP cameras on 7" NVR System

How to add IP cameras on 7" NVR System

1.Please connect to the Internet.

2.Please connect the adapter to let the camera power on.

→You can see that the infrared light is turned on by covering it with your hand.

3.Please hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.

(You can skip this step, if the matching code cannot search the camera, please do this step)


4."Match Code".

①Please click" " .Then select "Match Code".

Please click"match code".Wait for a while, the system will automatically search for your camera.

③After searching for the camera,please click"Stop Add",please click "Yes".

Finally, the cameras are added successfully and you can see them on the device.

5.If the camera cannot be searched, please use the network cable to connect the camera and the router.

Then, add the camera through "match code"(Please see step 4 for details)

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